Students & Internships

General Dynamics Land Systems hires people across many disciplines, including: computer science, engineering, math, physics, information systems and technology, security, finance, human resources, and marketing. Our internships span from summer opportunities to year-long positions, which often result in full-time employment post graduation. Browse our many job openings to see if your skills match our position qualifications.

“I would recommend applying to Land Systems to anyone who is considering it because you get to work for a great company and feel like the work you’re doing is important, even as an intern.”

- Sarah

“My internship at General Dynamics gave me the chance to work alongside and learn from some of the most talented engineers in the industry. Every day was a new adventure!”

- John

“I was able to partake in a code peer review, write test procedures and results for my added code, and observe the importance of teamwork and collaboration in software development.”

– Haley

“Working for a defense company gave me a perspective that many others may not get to experience or understand. I am thankful to have been granted this opportunity.”

– Rachel

For more information about our internship and other opportunities please email:

Monica Morris
Talent Development